easyGroup is the creator and owner of the easy family of brands (see www.easyHistory.info) and it cannot allow unauthorised use of the brand. It is not fair to the royalty-paying members of the easy family to allow others to use it for free.

The brand thief, Nikolaos Agrafiotis was using the website easyairpark.gr to target passengers and operated a parking lot for cars at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport in Athens.

easyGroup was successful in its civil lawsuit against the brand thief with the Athens Court (Department of Specialised Commercial Law) publishing its decision in January 2022. This judgment recognised the rights of easyGroup, accepting all of its infringement arguments and recognising the strong reputation and distinctiveness of ‘easy’ as a trade mark. The Court ordered Mr Agrafiotis to cease all use of easyairpark.gr and to transfer the domain name to easyGroup. If he had failed to do so within 10 days, Mr Agrafiotis could have faced penalties of €5,000 in damages payable to easyGroup and a possible one month prison term.

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