Despite progress in reducing the pay gap between men and women in Cyprus we are continuing efforts aiming reducing and eradicating the phenomenon, Minister of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance Zeta Emilianidou has said on the occasion of Equal Pay Day.

In a statement, Emilianidou said the pay gap between men and women in Cyprus has declined which is satisfactory, noting “we are continuing efforts aiming at reducing and fully eradicating this phenomenon.”

Emilianides pointed out that Cystat’s revised data for 2019 show that the pay gap dropped significantly and stands at 10.1% compared the EU average of 14.1%, which ranks Cyprus in the 7th place among the EU member-states.

“To tackle unequal pay between men and women, all, employers, employees and the state alike are called to contribute,” Emilianides said.

Concluding, Emilianidou said the Ministry of Labour reaffirms “it is focused at the aim of full and effective equality between men and women, an integral part of which is the full eradication of the pay gap between men and women.”

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