Dancing in night clubs allowed with a 24 hour rapid test for all, Health Minister announces

Dancing returns in night clubs and other establishments in Cyprus with a 24 hour rapid test for all, vaccinated and unvaccinated, Health Minister Michalis Hadjiantelas announced on Monday. A decree will be issued tomorrow to set the framework of the new protocol.

The Minister chaired a meeting with the Scientific Advisory Committee and said that in ten days the measure will be reviewed to see whether entrance with a 48 hour rapid test will be allowed for all those who have concluded their vaccination scheme.

Head of the Committee Constantinos Tsioutis said that we need to be realistic and take steady and slow steps.

The Minister of Health said that this protocol will be put into effect for night clubs and other places who have the capacity to host more than 150 people as well as to establishments that will choose to allow dancing but the owners need to notify the Ministry and the head of health safety in each place.

Hadjipantelas said that if a person enters a place at one o` clock in the morning, it is understood that he/she won`t need a new rapid test. He went on to say that clarifications will be issued and people will know what is allowed and what not.

The Minister said that the establishments which will allow dancing need to notify the Ministry so that there is some kind of control. He added that they will consult with the Law Office to see under which circumstances the operation could be suspended if there is failure of compliance with the law.

Hadjipantelas said that rapid tests will be conducted at testing units and labs or pharmacies and not outside the establishments.
He said that next Wednesday the Committee will meet with him again to assess the measures and see whether there could be a decision for a 48 hour rapid test for those who are fully vaccinated.

Head of the Committee Constantinos Tsioutis said that the aim of all measures and protocols is to have safety in all the places but we need to be aware that what is of importance, is what each one of us chooses to do. He added that we have seen clusters in many places but the aim from now on is to have simple and comprehensive protocols that will lead to the path of safety.

Tsioutis said that this is the time to adjust the measures and protocols and he said that we should move away from “relaxation vs measures” but to adopt to the new conditions so that the society is operational in a safe and secure manner.

He said that Omicron is highly transmissible, we continue to have hospitalizations and death so all these need to be taken into consideration. He said that it is better to be realistic and make slow but steady steps, adding that two years since the pandemic broke out we have seen that small relaxations led to a reverse, so, he added, we need to be realistic looking into only one direction.

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