Cyprus’ Health Ministry announced on Tuesday three deaths from COVID-19 and 2,646 new cases.  At the same time patients in hospital are 181 of whom 43 are in a serious condition. The positivity rate stands at 2.53%.

The deceased are two men 79 and 66 years old who passed away on Monday, and a woman 66 years of age who died today.

Total deaths rose to 791 and total cases to 295,686.

Of the 43 patients who are receiving hospital treatment in a serious condition,13 are intubated and 30 are in an ACU. According to the Ministry 69.62% of the patients are unvaccinated.

Moreover 31 patients who are no longer infectious are still intubated in an ICU.

Today a total of 104,708 tests were carried out and 2,646 cases were detected. PCR tests were 7,174 and 449 cases were detected. The positivity rate is 6.26%.

The total number of rapid tests were 97,534 and 2,197 cases were detected. The positivity rate is 2.256%.

A total of 510 PCR tests were conducted in the framework of contact tracing and 89 cases were detected (positivity rate 17.45%).
Rapid tests were 1,022 and 59 samples tested positive (positivity rate 5.77%).

A total of 2,014 PCR tests were carried out by private initiative and 267 cases were detected (positivity rate 13.26%)
Rapid tests were 39,711 and 1,310 cases were detected (positivity rate 3.3%).

In the framework of the Ministry’s rapid test programme 57,823 tests were carried out and 887 cases were detected.
A total of 16,137 rapid tests were done at the rapid test spots and 464 cases were diagnosed (positivity rate 2.88%)

In primary schools 20,638 tests were conducted and 151 cases were detected (positivity rate 0.73%). In high schools the tests were 12,225 and 105 cases were diagnosed (positivity rate 0.86%).

A total of 5,386 tests were carried out in the context of the “test to stay” programme and 82 tests came back positive (positivity rate 1.52%)

In nursing homes a total of 1,245 rapid tests were done and 20 cases were detected (positivity rate 1.61%).

Two case was detected from 149 rapid tests in closed units (positivity rate 1.34%), 4 from a total of 1,021 tests in public services (positivity rate 0.39%).

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