Cyprus’ Health Ministry on Friday announced seven deaths from COVID and 1,826 new cases. The Ministry said that 155 people are in hospitals and 60.65% of them are unvaccinated. Total deaths rose to 848 and cases to 317,167. The positivity rate stands at 1.61%.

The deceased are a 54-year-old man who passed away on Wednesday, a 75-year-old man, a 95-year-old man and a 92-year-old woman who passed away yesterday, while a 88-year-old man and two women 94 and 78 years of age passed away today. Of the 155 people in hospitals, 34 are in serious condition, two are in an ICU breathing without a ventilator, 13 are intubated and 19 are in an ACU.  Moreover 24 patients who are no longer infectious are still intubated in an ICU.

Today a total of 106,936 tests carried out, 6,317 were a PCR of which 266 positive cases were detected (positivity rate PR 4.21%).

A total of 103,144 rapid tests were conducted today and 1,560 cases were diagnosed (PR 1.46%).

In the framework of contact tracing 385 PCR tests were carried out and 38 cases were detected (9.87%). The rapid tests were 688 and 51 came back positive (PR 7.41%).

On private initiative 1,604 PCR were carried out and 176 cases were detected (PR 10.97%), 48,604 tests were rapid and 949 cases were diagnosed (PR 1.95%).

In the framework of testing by the Health Ministry a total of 58,332 rapid tests were conducted and 611 cases were diagnosed. At testing units 18,349 rapid tests were carried out and 358 cases were diagnosed (PR 1.95%).

In elementary schools the rapid tests reached 21,508 and 72 cases were detected (PR 0.34%), in high schools in 11,256 tests 63 cases were detected (PR 0.269%), in the framework of test-to-stay program 4,301 rapid tests were carried out and 42 cases were detected (PR 0.98%), in special schools out of 176 rapid tests one case was detected (PR 0.57%).

Moreover, in nursing homes 983 rapid tests were carried out and 19 cases were diagnosed (PR 1.93%), in closed units 198 rapid tests were carried out and 1 came back positive (PR 0.51%) and in public sector services in a total of 986 rapid tests 2 cases were diagnosed (PR 0.2%).

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