Cyprus` Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that seven more COVID-19 patients have died, while 2,885 new cases have been traced. The positivity rate stands at 2.58%.

The total number of people who have died of COVID-19 is now 756 and the total number of confirmed cases 277,864.

Two hundred and six COVID-19 patients are being treated in hospital, 48 of them in a critical condition (3 in an ICU, 19 are intubated and 26 in an Acute Care Unit). A percentage of 69.91% of those hospitalised has no vaccination record.

All COVID-19 patients who have died are men: a 93 year old and a 71 year old who passed away on February 7 and an 82 year old, a 77 year old, a 76 year old, a 63 year old and a 58 year old who passed away on February 8.

According to the Health Ministry 26 post-COVID patients who have ceased to be contagious continue to be treated in an Intensive Treatment Unit and are intubated due to COVID-19.

A total of 111,932 tests were carried out, 6,245 using the PCR method and 105,687 using rapid tests.

Out of the 6.245 PCR tests 485 positive cases were traced (positivity rate 7.77%)  and out of the 105,687 rapid tests 2,400 positive cases were diagnosed (positivity rate 2.27%)

During contact tracing 462 PCR tests were done and 60 positive cases were traced (positivity rate 12.99%). Moreover 1,336 rapid tests were done and 93 positive cases were diagnosed (positivity rate 6.96%)

Also 336 positive cases were traced out of 2,192 PCR tests carried out on private initiative (positivity rate 14.87%) and 1,440 positive cases out of 43,504 rapid tests done also on private initiative (positivity rate 3.31%).

A total of 62,183 rapid tests were carried out through the Health Ministry`s programme and 960 positive cases were traced.

Moreover 528 positive cases were diagnosed out of 17,446 rapid tests carried out at sampling units (positivity rate 3.03%).

In the education system, 133 positive cases were traced in primary schools out of 20,307 rapid tests, 96 in secondary schools out of 12,514 tests and 82 during rapid tests conducted in the framework of the “Test-To-Stay” measure out of 6,720 rapid tests, while no cases were traced in special education schools out of 54 rapid tests carried out.

Moreover, 22 positive cases were detected in home for the elderly out of 1,147 rapid tests, 3 positive cases out of 1,720 rapid tests in closed structures and 3 positive cases out of 939 rapid tests in government services.

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