Cyprus Heath Ministry on Monday reported four deaths from COVID and 3,374 new cases while 233 patients are in hospitals. The positivity rate stands at 2.41%.

Total deaths from COVID in Cyprus reached 749 and cases rose to 274,979.

According to the Ministry, 63 patients are in serious condition. Data show that 72.42% of the patients are unvaccinated.

The new cases were detected from a total of 139,885 tests (rapid and PCR).

The deceased are a male 40 years old who passed away yesterday in Limassol General Hospital, a female 89 years of age who died yesterday in Nicosia General Hospital, a female 47 years old who died today in the ICU of Nicosia General Hospital and a female 79 years old who died today in Nicosia General Hospital.
Of the 749 deaths, 467 are male  (62.3%),and 282 female (37.7%) and their median age is 76,3 years.

Of the 63 patients in serious condition,  29 are intubated,  3 are in the ICU and 31 are in an ACU.

Today 7,470 tests were PCR and 132,415 were rapid and the new cases were detected as follows: 32 from 225 samples in the framework of contact tracing,  83 from 4,581 tests at airports , 276 from 2,064 tests taken on private initiative, 21 from 367 samples taken at the Microbiological Labs of General Hospitals, 1,940 from 67,891 rapid tests done at private labs and pharmacies, 1,016 from 64,524 rapid tests done in the framework of the Ministry of Health free program and 6  from 233 samples taken following GP referrals or via testing at public clinics.

From the rapid tests done by the Ministry 27 cases were detected in nursing homes, 145 in primary schools, 85 in high schools, 5 in closed units, 110 from the contact tracing program, 6 in special schools , 120 from test to stay program and 6 in public sector services.

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