The Health Ministry in Cyprus announced on Sunday two deaths from COVID and 1,387 new cases. The Ministry said that 148 people are in hospitals and 61,49% of them are unvaccinated. Total deaths rose to 854 and cases to 320,160. The positivity rate is down to 1.49%.

The deceased are a 91-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman.

Of the 148 people in hospitals, 36 are in serious condition, one is in the ICU, 13 are intubated and 22 are in the ACU.  Moreover, 24 patients who are no longer infectious are still intubated in an ICU.

On Sunday a total of 93,207 tests were carried out. Of them, 8,075 were PCR tests from which 165 positive cases were detected (positivity rate 2.04%). A total of 85,132 rapid tests were conducted and 1,222 cases were detected (PR 1.44%).

 In the framework of contact tracing, 1,003 rapid tests were carried out and 66 were positive (PR 6.58%).

 On private initiative, 995 PCR tests were carried out and 71 cases were detected (PR 7.14%), 35,288 tests were rapid and 505 cases were diagnosed (PR 1.43%).

In the framework of testing by the Health Ministry, a total of 49,844 rapid tests were conducted and 717 cases were diagnosed

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