Cyprus Health Ministry announced two deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, bringing the total number at 740. At the same time, 2,907 new COVID cases and 218 hospitalisations were reported. Total cases rose to 266,823. The Ministry said that 218 patients are in hospital and 61 are in serious condition. Figures show that 72.48% of patients are unvaccinated. The positivity rate stands at 2.48%.

The Ministry announced that 21 post-COVID patients who are no longer infectious, are intubated in serious condition in an ICU, while out of the 61 patients in serious condition 27 are intubated, 6 are in an ICU and 28 and in an ACU.

As regards total deaths 462 are male (62.4%), and 278 female (37.6%), with the median age being 76.2 years.

Out of 117,045 tests performed today, 6,015 were PCR tests and 111,030 were rapid tests, with the 2,907 new cases detected as follows:

54 out of 496 tests done in the framework of contact tracing, 34 out of 2,477 tests done at the airports, 337 out of 2,487 samples tested by private initiative, 41 out of 408 samples taken at Microbiology labs of General Hospitals, 1,528 out of 50,062 rapid tests carried out at private labs and pharmacies, 910 out of 60,968 samples tested by rapid antigen test via the Ministry’s screening program and 3 out of 147 samples taken following GP referrals or from testing at public clinics.

Out of the rapid tests done in the framework of the Ministry`s free program, 10 cases were detected at nursing homes, 142 in primary schools, 75 in high schools, 2 in closed units, 133 from contact tracing procedure, and 75 from the “test to stay” program.

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