Cyprus’ Embassy in Kyiv is open and is in contact with Cypriot nationals who are still in Ukraine. Currently, the only route out of the country is through land which is considered dangerous but Cypriots and Greek nationals will be able to depart at a later stage after arrangements by the Greek government, a diplomatic source told CNA.

The source said that during a ministerial committee meeting on Saturday, the national action plan Estia will be adopted which provides for an organised reception, accommodation and repatriation of civilians.

Lina Themistokleous, Consul/Deputy Chief of Mission Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Ukraine is in Kyiv while the embassy is open and remains in contact with Cypriot citizens, the source said.

Asked how many Cypriots are in Ukraine, the source replied that registrations on the online platform showed that 130 Cypriots were initially in the country.

However, most returned to Cyprus following the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when transportation was still open.

Currently, there are around 40 people contacting the embassy, although the number changes on a daily basis.

The source said the only escape route is via land but this is a dangerous option as any movement might become a target.

Cypriots and Greek citizens will be able to depart Ukraine at a later stage after arrangements made by Greece.

The Cyprus Embassy in Kyiv numbers are +380 44 499 6450/1 and 380 97 504 9558 (mobile number), [email protected][email protected] and the address is 24 Bulvarno-Kudriavska St., Level 2, 01601,Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Crisis Management Centre of the Foreign Ministry is open from Monday-Friday from 08:30-16:00 local time and is an additional means of communication and consular assistance to citizens directly affected by the situation in Ukraine.

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