Cyprus Health Ministry announced Monday 3 deaths from COVID and 2,930 new cases. The patients in hospitals are 177 of whom 40 are in serious condition. The positivity rate stands at 2.18%.

The deceased are a female 85 years old who passed away Sunday, and a male 85 years of age and a female 86 years who died today.

Total deaths rose to 788 and total cases to 293,040.

Of the 40 patients who are getting treatment in hospitals in serious condition, one is in an ICU, 12 are intubated and 27 are in an ACU. According to the Ministry 69.5% of the patients are unvaccinated.

Moreover 31 patients who are no longer infectious are still intubated in an ICU.

Today a total of 134,415 tests were carried out and 2,930 cases were detected. PCR tests were 8,617 and 335 cases were detected. The positivity rate is 3.89%.

The total number of rapid tests were 125,798 and 2,595 cases were detected. The positivity rate is 2.06%.

A total of 144 PCR tests were conducted in the framework of contact tracing and 9 cases were detected (positivity rate 6.25%).
Rapid tests were 979 and 79 samples tested positive (positivity rate 8.07%).

In the framework of private initiative a total of 1,972 tests were conducted and 219 cases were detected (positivity rate 11.11%)
Rapid tests were 63,773 and 1,737 cases were detected (positivity rate 2.72%).

In the framework of testing via rapid tests by the Ministry the tests were 62,025 and 858 cases were detected.
A total of 18,941 rapid tests were done at the rapid test spots and 471 cases were diagnosed (positivity rate 2.49%)

In primary schools 20,116 tests were conducted and 113 cases were detected (positivity rate 0.56%). In high schools the tests were 11,577 and 76 cases were diagnosed (positivity rate 0.66%).

A total of 6,417 tests were conducted via the test to stay program and 94  tests came back positive (positivity rate 1.46%)
In special schools the tests were 807 with 5 positive cases (positivity rate 0.62%).

In nursing homes a total of 1,176  tests were done and 13 cases were detected (positivity rate 1.11%).

One case was detected from 255 rapid tests in closed units (positivity rate 0.39%), 3 from a total of 1,476 tests in public services (positivity rate 0.2%) and 3 in the industrial zones from 281 tests (positivity rate 1.07%).

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