Cyprus aspires to boost vaccinations against Covid-19 to 75% of the general population, Christina Yiannaki the Ministry of Health’s Permanent Secretary has said, noting that so far vaccinations have reached to 84.4% of the adult population and 9.5% in children aged 5 – 11 years.
Yiannaki attended a vaccination event for adults and children aged 5 – 11 years organised in the Larnaca port, noting that two years after the outbreak of the pandemic still “some people in Larnaca are proceeding to vaccination centres for their first Covid jab.”
She said the Ministry will hold an additional event in Larnaca aiming to increase vaccinations among children which is considered beneficial for the public health.
Vaccinations among children since the introduction of child vaccinations in Cyprus have reached 9.5%, while vaccinations among the adults amounted to 84.4% and 71.5% among the general populace, Yiannaki added.
Replying to questions over the people who are reluctant to vaccinate, Yiannaki said every one should assume their responsibility, noting that the unvaccinated should see that the possibility for a vaccinated person to be hospitalised to an ICU is minimal, while “things are much worse if you are unvaccinated.”
She also recalled that the highest percentage of Covid patients in the public hospitals are unvaccinated persons.
“Therefore, they (the unvaccinated) should also be convinced,” Yiannaki said, noting that “this a decision to be taken by them both for their sake but also for the benefit of the public health.”

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