Amazon’s plans to build a second Tallahassee facility are moving forward following today’s conditional permit approval of “Project Cyprus.”

The confidential project, given a pseudonym during negotiation period for company incentives, spans nearly 30 acres on the southside of Northwest Passage off Capital Circle Northwest near Home Depot.

Permit materials indicate the proposed project is seeking approval to develop 10 parcels of land for a warehouse facility.

“The development of the site will be completed in one phase and is proposed to include one building, a total of 123,115 square feet and a maximum of 32 feet in height (one-story),” documents said. “The building will include approximately 12,000 square feet of office space and the remaining building space will be utilized for housing products and goods.”

These photos take in mid-February show the progress at what will be the city’s largest economic development project in history.

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In October, the Tallahassee Democrat obtained records that showed Amazon purchased the property for $3.4 million. The initial land deal involving Amazon Services LLC, the buyer, and Northwest Passage LLC closed on Sept. 28, deed materials show. 

A second land deal closed on Dec. 9 for 18 adjacent acres needed for the project, making Amazon’s total purchase for the land approximately $3.8 million. 

“Very excited to see it moving forward,” said Stewart Proctor, Stewart Proctor, managing director for Ciminelli Real Estate Services in Tallahassee, which handled the land acquisition. “Amazon is certainly making significant investments in our market. And, the increase in the property tax base, job creation and overall economic impact is going to be great for our community.”

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The Project Cyprus site is about 15 miles away from the construction zone that will become Amazon’s capital city fulfillment center that’s under rapid construction on Mahan Drive and slated to be complete by the fall.

The fulfillment center is slated to generate up to 1,000 jobs — the largest number of jobs created by one company in the private sector in Tallahassee’s history.

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