The situation regarding Cyprus problem is not due to the lack of the UN involvement, Dujarric says

The UN is trying to keep the two sides in Cyprus closer and reach an agreement for the benefit of all involved. The situation we are in is not due to the lack of UN involvement, the Spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General, Stéphane Dujarric has said.
Dujarric who was answering a question during the press briefing held at UN Headquarters, said that the Secretary General is not the sole player in the process.

Regarding the Secretary-General reports, he said in a way that reflects the reality as we see it. “And that’s how we report all the time”, he added. So, he went on to say, “I’m not going to analyze, do a sort of post-game analysis of the reports. The reports are the reports. They speak for themselves. Whether it’s a report on Cyprus or anywhere else in the world, we often get criticized by some of the parties involved. But, you know, the reports continue, and they stand for themselves”.
Dujarric further noted that “we’ve always been very clear that it’s imperative for both sides in Cyprus to respect and abide by the UN, by all relevant Security Council resolutions”.

Replying to another question, Dujarric said that “the issue of Cyprus is one that the United Nations has been dealing for a long time. It is one that the three Secretary-Generals that I’ve been working for have also been dealt directly. They have got themselves involved directly in a way that sometimes they do more than with other issues. The situation we find ourselves is not for the lack of involvement by the United Nations. We try to keep, to bring the parties closer, to get to an agreement for the benefit of all the people involved. But I don’t think the Secretary-General is the sole player in all of this. And I will leave it at that”.

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