The Regular Congress of the Cyprus Peace Council will convene on 22 January 2022

The Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) will convene of its Regular Congress on Saturday, 22 January 2022 under the slogan “Peace and Justice in Cyprus and in the World”.

The CPC as a Peace Movement embraces all those people who envision peace and social justice prevailing in Cyprus and in the world, against the constant threat of imperialist interferences, interventions and wars. Addressing a call to all peace-loving people, regardless of gender, religion, language or national origin, to take part in its Congress, the Cyprus Peace Council seeks to make the Congress the starting point for the mass growth of the movement and a springboard for waging new struggles.

Through the lively discussion, submission of opinions and proposals that will be heard during the Congress, the CPC aims to achieve the greatest possible upgrading of the multifaceted role of its role.

The CPC Congress is expected to address issues such as:

– International reality and the imperialist order.

– The common struggle of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots for freedom-solution-reunification in Cyprus and the strengthening of bicommunal activity.

– The escalation of militarism, the military arms race and the increase in military spending in Cyprus and in the world.

– Cyprus’ involvement in dangerous imperialist plans and organisations and the dangerous military and other agreements concluded by the Anastasiades government.

– The struggle for environmental protection, denuclearization and disarmament.

– The mass growth and upgrading of the CPC’s activity and its cooperation with movements and figures of culture, sport, education, etc.

– Cooperation with peace movements and the strengthening of the World Peace Council.

Finally, the CPC Congress will elect its new General Council and leadership.

For more information or to express interest in participating in the CPC Congress, please contact: [email protected]

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