Sakis Rouvas, one of Greece’s most popular singers, celebrated his 50th birthday on Wednesday 5th January!
Born and raised on the island of Corfu, Sakis began his music career in 1991, at the Thessaloniki Song Festival. Since then, he has steadily been at the top of the Greek music scene, and has many musical accolades under his belt, including six Arion Music Awards, 15 Pop Corn Music Awards, 22 MAD Video Music Awards, four Status Man of the Year Awards, an MTV Europe Music Award and a World Music Award.
In 2004, he represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest with Shake It, finishing third in the final. The single became the all-time bestselling single in the country. In 2009, he represented Greece once again in the competition with the song This Is Our Night.
Soon after, Sakis expanded his career to film, television, theatre and fashion.
Parallel to this, he has participated in several initiatives that aim to raise awareness for the protection of the environment and has demonstrated a long-term commitment to supporting children in need.
In 2010, Forbes listed Sakis as the third-most-influential celebrity in Greece and the country’s top-ranked singer.
In July 2017, Sakis married model Katia Zygouli. Together they have four children.
Hronia polla Sakis!

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