Problems of mountain communities are dealt with at their root, Champiaouris tells CNA

Problems caused by heavy snowfall and frost in areas with high altitude are dealt with at their root, Costas Champiaouris, the Commissioner for the Development of Mountain Communities, told the Cyprus News Agency on Wednesday.

Apart from the snowfall and the frost, slippery roads are also an issue for the residents of mountain communities, said Champiaouris, adding that there were disruptions in water supply because of broken pipes, reservoirs and solar heaters, as well as power cuts in certain areas.

Champiaouris noted that his Office in cooperation with local authorities are doing their best to help people living in mountainous areas overcome the problems they are faced with.

He also pointed out that President Nicos Anastasiades will grant the affected communities with an one-off subsidy, an indication of his decision to support mountainous areas. The rise in oil prices and the frost were the reasons why President Anastasiades asked the Ministers of Finance and Interior to table a subsidy proposal before the Cabinet which takes place on Wednesday, said Champiaouris.

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