29 missing persons and 8 dead were identified in 2021

Another 300 sites to be excavated

One of, if not the most tragic aspects of the Cyprus tragedy in the summer of 1974 is the case of the missing persons, the majority of whom still haven’t been found and verified. Another year has passed and the wound is still there for many families and relatives, the pain still hurts. The struggle for the solution of this humanitarian issue continues and AKEL supports all efforts to assist the Committee of Missing Person’s work. The AKEL delegation has supported all the efforts to maintain and increase the funds allocated to assist the work of the Committee’s work.

The identification of the remains of 37 persons, 29 missing persons (20 Greek Cypriots and 9 Turkish Cypriots) and 8 fallen persons was made in 2021 by the Committee of Missing Persons (CMP). The exhumations of the remains of 18 persons were carried out from a total of 79 excavations. Experts from the University of Wisconsin, USA, are currently in Cyprus helping the Committee’s work, carrying out investigations using geo-radar and special cameras on drones, which take images from underground.

The Greek Cypriot member of the CMP Leonidas Pantelides expressed confidence that in 2022 there will be better results from the CMP’s investigations. There are mass graves which haven’t yet been located. Furthermore, there are 300 sites to be excavated, and at the moment findings involving 150-160 cases are under examination.

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