Cyprus Health Ministry announced on Thursday that no new deaths were recorded from Covid-19, while the number of new cases detected reached 3,777. The number of deaths recorded since the outbreak of the pandemic is 650 of which 411 are men (63.2%) και 239 women (36.8%) with the median age being 76 years.

The positivity rate now stands at 4.89% and the total number of cases increased to 192.157.

It was also announced that 235 patients are receiving treatment in hospitals of whom 73 are in serious condition, 31 are being treated in ICU’s of whom 29 are intubated while 77.45% are not vaccinated.

Fifteen post-COVID patients are still intubated in ICU.

The Ministry said that today a total of PCR and antigen rapid test 77,255 tests were carried out.

Of the 77,255 tests, 12,452 were PCR and 64,803 rapid tests. The 3,777 positive cases were detected as follows:
250 from 2,445 samples tested in the context of contact tracing, 75 from 3,930 samples taken at airports, 593 from 5,667 samples taken on private initiative, 14 from 205 tests done at hospital labs, 1,328 from 26,539 samples taken at private clinical laboratories and pharmacies, 1,510 from 38,264 tests done in the context of the Ministry’s free programme, 7 from 205 tests done on GP referrals and through the Public Health Clinics.

Of the 64,803 rapid tests a total of 15,507 were done in Nicosia and 685 new cases were detected. In Limassol 7,659 were carried out and 341 positives were found. In Larnaka a total of 6,133 tests were done and 223 new Covid cases were found. Also, a total of 3,592 tests were done in Paphos and 161 positives were found. Finally, in Famagusta from 2,732 tests done 80 new cases were detected.

Additionally, in closed structures 20 new cases were found after 2,326 samples were tested.

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