Majority of coronavirus patients at Reference Hospital are not vaccinated, health official tells
Seventy eight per cent (78%) of hospitalised coronavirus patients at the Famagusta General Hospital, which operates as a Reference Hospital, are without vaccination history, said Amalia Hadjigianni, Scientific Director of the Larnaca-Famagusta Hospitals, to CNA.

In statements to CNA Hadjigianni noted that “60 patients are currently hospitalised at Famagusta General Hospital, 15 of whom are in Increased Care Units. The average age of the hospitalised people is 69 years, the youngest patient being 36 years old and the oldest 91, both without any history of vaccination.”

Hadjigianni added that “there are currently 32 patients with COVID-19 in Larnaca General Hospital, 7 of whom are in Increased Care Units. Eden Rehabilitation Centre is hosting 110 coronavirus patients, expected to be discharged after ten days according to the protocol, while 27 patients are being treated in the Post-COVID ward.”

“The situation in terms of coronavirus patients’ admissions to hospitals is being stabilised, due to the reduction of cases in the community. The situation is manageable,” commented Hadjigianni, stressing that “the earlier the patient informs his or her personal physician about coronavirus symptoms, the sooner treatment will begin and the outcome of the disease will be positive”.

She also said that “vaccinating the public seems to be working since even vaccinated people that may end up in the Increased Care Unit have a milder disease and recover sooner.”

Regarding vaccinations in Famagusta district, Hadjigianni said that “there is an increased flow of people going to the Vaccination Centres to receive their 1st, 2nd and 3rd dose of the vaccine and this is very encouraging.”

Every day, she added, “400-450 adults are vaccinated with any dose of the vaccine, while 80 children aged 5-11 years are vaccinated by appointment every week.”

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