As COVID-19 cases in Barnet remain high, Barnet Council has launched a campaign on our high streets urging residents to stay safe this winter by following key safety advice over the coming months.

The #KeepTheVirusOut campaign urges everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccines and booster, wear a face covering in public places, let fresh air in, meet outdoors, rapid test and PCR test and isolate if feeling unwell.

The campaign comes as rates of COVID-19 in Barnet are at the highest they have been since the pandemic began with over a quarter of residents yet to get their first vaccine. Barnet Council is working with local community groups and businesses to encourage uptake of the vaccine as well as following COVID-19 safety advice.

Dr Tamara Djuretic, Director of Public Health at Barnet Council, said: “COVID-19 cases in Barnet are high with over 5,000 cases recorded last week alone. High infection rates mean that there are still a number of individuals who are unwell and some of them may require hospital treatment. The NHS and other essential services are under pressure due to regular winter illnesses, COVID-19 and a high number of staff having to isolate after testing positive.

“Sadly, the pandemic is not yet over so it is vital that we do all that we can to keep the virus in the cold in the coming months. I urge everyone to get the vaccine, their first, second and booster jab. The vaccines significantly reduce the chances of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19.

“Please wear a face covering in public places and transport to help reduce transmission. Let fresh air in and wash your hands regularly to stop COVID-19 from hanging around.

“Rapid test before entering crowded or enclosed spaces and before meeting a vulnerable person to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“Self-isolate immediately if you are feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Book a PCR test and follow the latest self-isolation guidance.”

Download copies of our campaign posters for your business or public place below, as well as images to share with friends and family on social media.

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