Yes it is the New Year, when many have overindulged in all the rich foods full of sauces, sweet indulgence, and those that are generally not too good on the waistline! How many have felt that clothing is little more snug gradually over the festivities?!

Well if you have decided part of your New Year’s resolution is to slim down and trim your body back into shape, it couldn’t be easier. We are in a modern world where everything is accessible to make life easy and enjoy all the palatable pleasures, without losing taste and flavour to our food. Long gone are the days where cutting down meant enduring the torture of boring bland food, whilst watching our health and physique.

With a little careful preparation of cooking technique, and the wide variety of available products, keeping slim is a breeze. Let’s start with some cooking styles: par boiling, then quick frying in a tablespoon of oil, or just putting in an oven after the par boiling, or using an air fryer, it really couldn’t be simpler. Using some herbs and spices can add that little extra taste, other options are of course to add some marinade that would normally have been the danger zone to bulking up the sugar, fat and calorie content. However, with the new sugar free marinades available, that is no longer the case.

There are many skinny sauces, both savoury and sweet, on the market shelves at our local supermarket stores. Some of the stores even have their own brands of these basic sauces available, like tomato ketchup and salad cream. Of course each company brand have their own versions, but one that stands out for me is the Skinny Dips brand, the reason being the texture is thicker, tastes amazing, and the list of its ingredients are far more appealing. So from the sweet chilli, barbeque or sweet curry sauce, they can be used to add on at the end, or used as marinades.

The sweet choice of their syrups are great for those homemade healthy pancakes, cakes and desserts. The salted caramel adds a twist to a plain coffee and all are sugar free and surprisingly ultra-low calorie.

One of the other reasons the Skinny Dips range are so popular is because of the offer of other products that are sold alongside to complement ease of cooking, like the Lo Dough bases for pizza, wraps, slim rice Tarka Dal, slim noodles and slim pastas, to name a few. Many products are high in protein, keto friendly, or suitable for the various diets that people follow. With bundle packages that can be ordered with ease online at, and a further 10% extra discount quoting code Samsara 10, as a special request till the 7th February 2022, it is definitely worth giving a try.

As always, I can only express a balance of food that you actually like, with and within good nutritious value, lots of healthy vegetables, salad, drinking plenty of water, fruit flavoured waters and teas, always seems the way to maintaining a healthy weight, with that blend of some good, enjoyable exercise.

So with a little combination of home cooking and baking, healthy eating and exercise, getting back into shape is a piece of sugar free cake.


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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