The Tories, both nationally and locally, never cease to amaze me with their arrogancy and lack of empathy for ordinary people. In recent weeks we have all witnessed the Tories going through a meltdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been caught again lying to parliament, to the media, and to the general public. The reality is that whilst the NHS staff were working tirelessly through the height of the coronavirus, Boris and his Tory cronies were having house parties and amusing themselves.
This is not right. He should do the sensible and honourable thing by apologising to all of us and offer his resignation, but he won’t. It is evident that Boris and his party have lied, both on a national and local level, and are covering up these lies for obvious reasons.
Only recently I had a ward constituent tell me that in September 2020, her mother died with cancer, all alone in her residential care home. She wasn’t allowed any visitors and the priest couldn’t give her the last rights because of government rules and regulations. This woman was a Tory voter, but no more, for the obvious reasons.
On May 5th, we have local elections; the local Tories have already started campaigning with more lies and broken promises. The local elections are the litmus test for the Tories and every vote you give them, props up Boris Johnson’s support. This is now a matter for individuals to do more soul searching. Do you really want to give the Tories the right to run local councils and local services?
In the London borough of Enfield, I would urge you to vote tactfully and don’t let the Tories and cronies through the back door. In Winchmore Hill, the Labour Councillors have carried out a number of improvements, especially by the Winchmore Green that helped local businesses overcome the financial pressures, and indeed across Enfield.
Vote Labour, support your Labour candidates.

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