Looking good isn’t just to do with the actual physical effort of great make-up and a good haircut, we could still do those things, yet be stressed and miserable. The persistent frowning and negative thoughts will be enough to lose that beautiful, bubbly, radiant glow that is usually expelled and reflected on the outside when you are happy and content from within.
Being happy is being able to live in the moment, with contentment in the ‘now’. Doing things you love to do, things that make you happy of course is a great start, however life isn’t always that easy. There are occasional tasks, daily, weekly chores that may be required to be done, that are not what we would choose, or want to be doing, however we do them because we have to, or are obliged to do so. Learning to make the best of everything and putting your best into it with good heart is what counts.
Being happy is quite simple, in the fact of just appreciation of everything, the good and bad. The bad days make us appreciate the good, the bad experiences or relationships enable us to learn from them and work towards a better knowledge of understanding, what is good, what is bad, what is acceptable and or unacceptable and what we allow in the future.
Dwelling on the undesirable past, holding grudges and not being able to forgive others or let it go, just manifests anger and bitterness from within. How could anyone move on in life if they are unable to let go of such behaviour? Trying to make peace with others who have hurt you doesn’t mean you have to pick up the relationship and be besties with those people. It simply means making peace with them, being socially well mannered and civil with them. Some polite conversation will suffice and help get through any awkward moments when one has to see another. You now know where you stand and there are no other expectations required.
Be happy with YOU first, loving yourself, not in a vain way, but merely in the sense of loving yourself as a person of who you are, your unique personality, your fun self, your kind self, your caring self, your mind self. If you can learn to love yourself first, others will be drawn to your fulfilled cheerful self, as it shines through and reflects on the outside.
Show love to those you have affection for, be kind and caring, a tender touch of a gentle hug, and/or kiss on the cheek can mean so much to that relative or friend when you want to show how much you adore them. That touch that we were denied of for some time, can say so much more than just words alone.
Do not say I will be happy when I get another job, I will get a partner and be in a relationship, be happy when I move, get a new car, happy when I go on a holiday or anything else. Be happy with what you have achieved so far, however going forward and achieving further in progress towards obtaining the other desirable wants, are a bonus when acquired.
Every day with good health is a gift and a blessing in itself, so doing the best to keep fit and healthy aids to that good quality of life. A balanced way of life with exercise, eating sensibly can be the make or break to a fit, comfortable you.
Make plans for things that you enjoy and want to do, be it by yourself or with others. Doing things solo doesn’t mean you are lonely, it just means you are enjoying your own space and time, as you recharge your batteries to be fresh and energised for others when with them.
Find your inner peace by letting go of the past, live in the now and look forward to each day in the future ahead.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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