Authorities in Cyprus reported six deaths from COVID-19 and 1,984 new cases out of 82,187 tests on Saturday. The positivity rate stands at 2.41%. At the same time 240 patients with COVID-19 are in hospital, 79 of whom are in a serious condition.

According to a Health Ministry press release the total number of deaths has reached 709, 447 or 63% men and 262 or 37% women. The mean age of the deceased is 76. The total number of cases recorded since the outbreak is 234,145.

At the same time 21 post-COVID patients who are no longer infectious continue to be treated intubated in a serious condition due to COVID in an ICU.

The deceased reported on Saturday are three men, 90, 86, 72 years-old respectively, another two men both aged 66 and an 89 year-old woman.  

In total 240 patients with COVID-19 are being treated in state hospitals, of whom 79 are in a serious or acute condition.

Out of the people hospitalised 73.34% are unvaccinated.

Out of the 79 patients in a serious condition 27 are intubated and another 4 are being treated in an ICU but are breathing without the help of a ventilator, while 48 people are in an ACU.

According to the Ministry of Health out of 82,187 tests carried out on Saturday, 6,229 by PCR and 75,958 by antigen rapid test, 1,984 COVID-19 cases were detected as follows:

Seven people tested positive out of 70 samples taken in the context of contact tracing; 32 people tested positive out of 2,172 samples taken from passengers out of Larnaka and Pafos airports; 345 people tested positive out of 3,723 samples taken by private initiative; 14 people tested positive out of 232 samples from the Microbiology Labs of the General Hospitals; 926 people tested positive out of 43,328 samples taken for antigen rapid tests in private clinical labs and pharmacies and 660 people tested positive out of 32,630 samples tested by antigen rapid test in the context of the Ministry’s screening programme. 

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