The Health Ministry in Cyprus announced on Sunday 6 new deaths from COVID-19 and 1.970 new cases. Hospitalisations came to 270 and the positivity rate is down to 2.07%. Total deaths reached 681 and the number of cases since the pandemic broke out is now 225,738.

Of the 270 patients, 92 are in a serious condition and according to figures, 71.38%% of patients receiving hospital treatment are unvaccinated.

Moreover, the Ministry announced that 17 post-COVID patients who are no longer infectious, are intubated in a serious condition in an ICU.

Today`s cases were detected from a total of 95,005 tests (PCR and rapid).

The deceased are an 90 year old woman and an 82 year old man, who passed away at Limassol General Hospital, a woman aged 82 who died at the Famagusta Reference Hospital, as well as a man, aged 87 and two women, aged 87 and 80 who passed away at Nicosia General Hospital. The deaths occurred on Sunday.

Of the 681 deaths, 427 are male (62.7%), and 254 are female (37.3%) and their median age is 76 years.

Of the 92 patients in serious condition, 31 are intubated, 6 are in an ICU and 55 in ACU.

Today`s PCR tests were 5,589 and antigen rapid tests 89.416 and the new cases were detected as follows: 36 from 500 samples taken in the framework of contact tracing, 54 from 2,806 tests at airports, 181 from 1,833 tests conducted on private initiative, 4 from 163 samples taken at microbiology labs of General Hospitals, 763 from 37,217 rapid tests done at private labs and pharmacies, 927 from 52,199 rapid tests done in the framework of free testing by the health ministry and 6 from 237 samples taken following GP referrals or testing at public clinics.

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