Cyprus health authorities announced on Saturday that four people died of COVID-19, with total deaths rising to 654. Moreover, 3,959 new cases were detected from PCR and antigen rapid tests, with a positivity rate of 2.6%. Total cases since the start of the pandemic rose to 201,360.
Furthermore, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health, total hospitalizations rose to 244, from 230 yesterday, while 83 are treated in serious conditions in ICUs and ACUs.
A total of 152,238 tests were carried out today.
A 97 year-old woman, a 63 year-old man, an 82 year-old man and an 82 year-old woman were among the fatalities announced on Saturday. Total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 654, of whom 413 or 63.1% male and 241 or 36.9% female with a median age of 76 years.
Furthermore, patients receiving treatment in public hospitals amounted to 244, of whom 83 are being treated in serious condition in ACUs and ICUs. Of the patients in serious condition, 26 are intubated in ICUs, 7 are in ICU but not connected to a ventilator and 50 patients are in ACUs.
Data show that 77.05% of the patients have no vaccination history, while 18 post-COVID patients who are no longer infectious are intubated in serious condition in ICUs.
According to the Ministry, the 3,959 new COVID infections were detected following 152,238 tests, of which 14,243 were PCR tests and 137,995 rapid antigen tests.
A total of 153 cases were detected following 1,065 samples taken in the context of contact tracing, 72 new cases were diagnosed after 4,062 tests done at the airports, 767 new infections were detected after 8,534 tests carried out privately, 31 new cases were diagnosed after 452 samples tested at General Hospitals` Microbiology Labs, 1,681 new cases were detected after 73,232 rapid tests carried out in private labs and pharmacies, 1,252 new infections were diagnosed after 64,763 tests carried out in the context of the Ministry of Health rapid test programme, 3 new infections were diagnosed after 130 samples taken in the context of GP referrals, while 3 new cases were detected after 130 samples following GP referrals.

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