Cypriot health authorities announced on Saturday four new deaths due to COVID-19 and 2,184 new cases, while 203 patients are being treated in public hospitals.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health, patients treated in serious conditions in Intensive Care Units and Advanced Care Units were 68. A percentage of 74.39% of the COVID-19 patients who are currently in hospitals have not been vaccinated.

A total of 83,766 tests were carried out, with the daily positivity rate of 2.61%.

The total number of people who have lost their lives of COVID-19 is now 730, while the number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic reached 251,125.

The four people who have died are all male. An 83 year old died on January 28 in Limassol Hospital, a 70 year old passed away on January 28 in Nicosia ICU, a 92 year old died on January 28 in Nicosia Hospital and a 92 year old died on Janury 29 in Famagusta Hospital.

The total number of people who died since the beginning of the pandemic is now 730, of whom 456 or 62.5% are men and 274 or 37.5% are women, with a median age of 76.2 years.

Of the 68 patients in serious condition, 27 are intubated, 5 are in Intensive Care Units but are not connected to a ventilator and 36 patients are in Advanced Care Units.

According to the Ministry, the 2,184 new COVID cases were detected following 83,766 tests, of which 5,970 were PCR tests and 77,796 rapid antigen tests.

A total of 31 cases were detected from 156 samples taken in the context of contact tracing, 59 new cases were diagnosed from 3,032 tests done at the airports, 308 new infections were detected from 2,538 tests carried out on a private initiative, 13 new infections were diagnosed from 224 samples taken by General Hospitals’ Microbiology Labs, 1,052 new cases were detected after 43,782 rapid tests carried out in private labs and pharmacies, 721 new cases were diagnosed after 34,014 tests carried out in the context of the Ministry of Health rapid test programme.

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