Alkionides UK Charity is looking for hostesses in North London, to provide rooms and hospitality to Cypriot patients who are sent to UK hospitals for essential medical treatment. The length of stay ranges from a few weeks to a few months and costs will be covered by the charity, depending on the financial situation of the patient.
A huge thank you with our wishes to all who support our charity, with so much love. We are all volunteers and have no administration costs.
For further information, please call 01189 472405 or 07913 968 639.
Alkionides UK Charity is made up of dedicated, unpaid volunteers eager to help their Cypriot compatriots in the UK.
We provide free accommodation, moral and practical support to seriously ill Cypriots who are sent by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to UK hospitals for essential medical treatment.
We help people in the UK Cypriot community in emergency situations.
Our team in Birmingham and the Midlands provides support to British-Cypriot families who have children with special educational needs. They also give help to other individuals in their hour of need.
Accommodation for our patients and their family members is currently provided at a rented property in Finsbury Park. With our young professional team on-board we look forward to raising enough funds to buy our own property in 2022 to create a permanent nest for incoming patients.
We are very grateful to our Patron, the High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Andreas Kakouris, and to all our sponsors, including the A.G Leventis Foundation, Capital Group, the REO Stakis Charitable Foundation, The Keith Coombs Trust and the Christos Lazari Foundation.

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