AKEL leader says party to make presidential decision by Spring

Main opposition party AKEL will pick its presidential candidate by spring through a collaborative process, leader Stefanos Stefanou said on Saturday.
Speaking at the 20th annual conference organised by EDON, the party’s youth wing.
Stefanou said that the party will kickstart a discussion between its governing bodies, its members and friends – including other opposition parties.
“But these collaborations will not be vague, they will have substance. We need to come together and form a consensus on key issues that will determine the course of our country and society.”
Stefanou said the party has decided on a timetable, “but our process is also affected by what is happening across the political spectrum.”
He added that the party will soon come to more solid decisions regarding the presidential election and according to the timetable, it should have made its decisions by the spring, “which gives us ample time to work towards the 2023 elections.”
Asked when the dialogue with other parties can begin, the AKEL leader said his party, much like the rest, need to be adequately prepared. “I am confident that, as things continue to change, soon we will be able to interact with other opposition parties who understand, just like we understand, the need for progressive change.”
Stephanou refused to comment on whether inter-party tensions in DISY might benefit AKEL. “I will not weigh in on what is happening at DISY,” he said. “Of course we are watching, but we will continue to just do our job.”
The political scene is changeable, he said, and aside from AKEL’s main goals, the party seeks to create the right conditions that would maximise the potential of progressive change during the election.
“We are taking into account the bigger picture, and all data.”


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