Maria Yiakoumi from Komi Kebir passed away on Sunday January the 9th 2022 at the age of 91 at the Autumn Gardens care home in the presence of her daughter Doulla.

She was born the daughter of Loizos and Photini Tsioupra she was one of five siblings three brothers Nicola, Taki and Kyriaco and sister Fountzou.

She leaves behind two sons Michael and Louis and daughter Doulla.and her brother Kyriacos, son in law Andy and daughter in law Andry

Maria’s husband Antonis a former General Manager of Parikiaki Newspaper died in February 2015

She also leaves Eight grandchildren, Vasilia, Antoni, Maria, Christopher, Antony, Dimitri, Pedro and Katerina.

Eight Great Grandchildren, Antonio, Andreas, Stavriani, Andriana, Miabella, Ramona, Photini and Sophia Flora.

Grandson in Laws Steph and Rich and Grand daughter in laws Marina and Vas.

She also leaves behind several nephews and nieces that she adored, and many relatives and friends.

Maria Yiakoumi followed the path of her older siblings Nicola, Taki and Fountzou and came to the UK in 1949 where she lived in the home of her sister Fountzou in Tottenham.

She began working as a seamstress in a dress making factory in the West End and in those years she was heavily involved in the growing UK Cypriot youth community setting up classes, theatre and dance groups. In fact she visited Bulgaria as part of a UK Cypriot traditional group.

She was later to meet her husband Antonis Yiakoumi from Vasili / Leonarisso and   marry in 1954.They bought a house in Finsbury Park in 1957 where there was then a growing Cypriot community and was living close to her Brother Nicola and sister Fountzou and many relatives and friends.

The children followed. Michael the oldest who now works for the Parikiaki Newspaper and compiler of the Cypriot Who’s Who., daughter Doulla and youngest son Louis.

Her home became a first stop home for a lot of the relations and friends who would then move on, and find their own homes and marry.

It was the local for the family’s relations and friends to have their cup of tea and social before going to the Arsenal football matches round the corner.

In the early years Maria worked from home as a seamstress and was able to bring up her children from home at this time it was the done thing with most Cypriot women of that generation in the UK. Her Husband began in the catering business and was partners with her brothers Nicola, Taki and brother in law Christoforos in owning restaurants in London and in Broadstairs, Kent.

Some of the most enjoyable times in the life of Maria was spending several summers with her close family at the restaurant and hotel in Broadstairs.

It was daytime on the beach with her kids, then a traditional English meal in the family restaurant and the afternoons was for showing her parents her cousins and friends around the coastal town normally a walk in the parks. And in the evening, she enjoyed playing bingo with her family and friends at the local arcade.

Maria was one for quickly adjusting to British life she went to college to learn English and was a fervent follower of Coronation Street on TV and bought the Daily Mirror everyday also the Womans Own magazine was a must for her every week and reading the problem pages. We always thought she was a columnist because she was on the phone for ages listening to the problems of others and showing support and at the same time forgetting her own stresses and moving on.

Later her husband Antonis would open his own restaurant the Priory in Clerkenwell, and Maria would work there as a waitress and it was something she really enjoyed.

Her family was very dear to her she was always concerned for her kids even when they were adults and when they were growing up her childrens education, and up bringing was her priority in life making sure they had clothes and food on the table and spare money for socialising.

In her early life socialising was number one for her, with meetings at family gatherings -, weddings the main social event, dinner and dances, and in supporting her husband Antoni to be involved in the formation of several community Greek schools and other organisations in creating a social life for the Cypriot community in the UK.

In her later life she became the adorable grandmother looking after the kids teaching them right from wrong in life and helping and seeing her grandchildren grow up.

The last few years she spent it at the Autumn Gardens care home, she suffered from Dementia and did not recognise her children, or two of her closest friends who also suffered it or even recognise her sister in law Maritsa, who were also in the home and passed away before her. She could sometimes strike a conversation with her Brother Kyriaco remembering the old days.

It was also sad although alive she never had the opportunity to enjoy her great grandchildren because of her illness but we are sure her love for them was evident.

The family would also like to thank the management and staff of Autumn Gardens for the support and care they gave to Maria in the short time she was there. She was known in the home for her constant singing and laughter.

Maria (Tsioupra) Yiakoumi from Komi Kebir you will never be forgotten

May you rest in peace

The funeral will take place on Monday January the 31st 2022 at 12.30pm at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Catherine, Friern Barnet Lane, London, N20 0NL.

The burial will follow at New Southgate Cemetery, Brunswick Park Road, London N11 1JJ and the wake at Ariana Banqueting Hall, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Rd South/Brunswick Park Road, London N11 1GN. (Opposite the Cemetery).

Instead of flowers the family ask that you donate to the Alzheimers Society and the Cypriot Community Centre in Wood Green using our just giving page bellow
Justgiving/Maria Yiakoumi

Or alternatively there will be a donation box at the Church.






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