Tightening of COVID measures is not an option at the moment and authorities are waiting to see whether the measures already in place will yield results, Cyprus News Agency has learnt.

Ministry of Health Michalis Hadjipantelas and the Advisory Scientific Committee on the pandemic are meeting on Tuesday afternoon to review the situation and assess the new figures. The scientists will table their suggestions to be in effect in case Cyprus` epidemiological situation deteriorates.

A source that spoke to CNA said that next hours are critical but at the moment authorities do not consider stricter measures as the ones which are in place now were reviewed and modified only last week.

The same source said that situation is stable and can be managed, especially at public hospitals and that tomorrow the Committee will table suggestions in case there is a rapid increase in hospitalisations.

Curfew is not at all on the table as an option.

New measures were put into effect and some were introduced today i.e hotel accommodation only for vaccinated, remote working, limit in persons in night clubs, weddings and christenings and prohibition of dancing.

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