We are almost there! Getting ready for a month full of festivities, lots of events, party gatherings, family gatherings, work gatherings. Are you ready for them all? Don’t leave everything till the last minute, as some things just don’t work out too well if you do so! As an example, if you are thinking of having a deep facial or any other such facial treatment prior to going out somewhere special, the skin will need about two weeks for any impurities to surface, to allow for fresh new skin cells. So doing any such thing just before a big event is not a good idea!

Plan your treatments in advance and in an order that will not leave you red, blotchy or inflamed when you are going out. Treatments like eyelash perming should be done in advance, a week is good enough, then followed by eyelash tinting. There are reasons, for example if one tints eyelashes, then perms them, the perm solution may lift and strip some of the colour off and make it lighter again. So the rule is perm lashes then tint.

For eyebrows, it is also similar – if any eyebrow shaping is to be done, be it plucking, waxing or electrical, this hair removal would need to be done after the tinting etc. The reason for this is that all the skin pores are open after plucking, waxing or epilating, leaving the skin sensitive, so applying any chemicals may feel really strong and cause it to inflame further.

Any hair epilation, be it on the body like legs, underarms or anywhere else, should really be done the day before as you are not supposed to wet, touch or apply scented creams, apart from antiseptic creams, for an absolute minimum of five hours. This is because all the skin pores are dilated and vulnerable to infection after any hair removal.

With hair colouring, highlights or lowlights a day before is fine; if any colour that has stained the skin is still a little visible, it will wash out or wear off in the next day or so. Any hairstyling like blowing or style setting can be done on the day or a day before. Putting hair up actually works better a day after washing, as the hair is too silky and slippery on the day of washing.

Manicures and pedicures of course look better when freshly done, so prepare and fit around other treatments. They are ok done a week prior and should still look fine if taken care of well afterwards and of course not battered about.

With all these treatments ready go, knowing the colours of clothing you choose to wear helps, as some colours may clash with nail or hair colours surprisingly. Work out some colours in hair and nails along with clothing that will complement each other, especially if you have nails covered over with gels that are not taken off swiftly by yourself, and then easily adapting another colour with some quick change of nail polish. So if you have a lot of events, with lots of different colour clothing for each event, then choose your hair and nail colours carefully beforehand. Silver and gold work well because they are adaptable to most outfits.

Shop or try in advance – there is nothing worse than wanting to dance but you can’t cope on the dance floor with some uncomfortable shoes that you just bought. Try them out for a little at home with your latest dance moves and see if you can cope.

The same goes for clothing really; if you like to bust a move on the dance floor, but your clothing is too tight and/or restrictive, will you still enjoy yourself as much? I personally wouldn’t, so for me, if there is dancing, the clothing needs to be practical as well as pretty.

Think about your warmth also and layer up, especially if you are a smoker and have to keep popping out wherever you are. It is just sensible isn’t it! Don’t get caught out in the rain if you have just styled your hair, take a hat or compact umbrella. Even a mini sewing kit in a make-up bag or purse can help if something comes apart. They are all simple things that can save the day of mishaps.

Get ready to party!


Love and Sparkles

Samsara x

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