Statements by Fabian Hamilton, UK Labour Party MP and Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament at the end of the meeting with the General Secretary of AKEL

18th November 2021

“I am absolutely delighted today to meet Stefanos Stefanou, the General Secretary of AKEL, a Party with whom we have very, very warm relations in the British Labour Party and who I always try to meet when I come to Cyprus. It is the only all-Cyprus party and we applaud that. We have a lot of common threads of policy, of principle and ideas to try and solve the Cyprus issue. We will work together. We reaffirmed today our future cooperation, our increased cooperation on all the issues that matter to the people of Cyprus and the people of the United Kingdom, especially the wonderful Cypriot diaspora both Turkish and Greek-speaking. So, we will continue that work for the benefit of everybody and we are absolutely committed to it. I am delighted to meet Stefanos Stefanou today to reassure him that that cooperation will carry on in the future.”

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