Five COVID-19 patients have lost their lives, while 182 new coronavirus cases have been traced, Cyprus’ Health Ministry announced on Wednesday. The positivity rate stands at 0.37%.

The total number of deaths due to COVID-19 is now 523, while the number of confirmed coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic stands at 117,379.

Currently 131 COVID-19 patients are treated in hospital, of whom 34 in a critical condition. A percentage of 80.92 of those treated in hospital have not been vaccinated.
Ten post-COVID patients who have ceased to be contagious are in a critical condition due to COVID-19, continue to be treated at Intensive Treatment Units and are intubated.

According to the Health Ministry a total of 48,588 tests were done using the PCR method (5,454) and antigen rapid tests (43,134). 
The five people who died are four women and one man. One woman aged 81 years old died on September 7 at Nicosia General Hospital, one woman aged 95 years old died on Wednesday at Limassol General Hospital, one woman aged 78 years old passed away on Wednesday at Pafos General Hospital and another woman aged 72 years old also died on Wednesday at Famagusta General Hospital. The male patient who passed away was 75 years old and died on September 7 at the Limassol General Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Out of the 523 patients who have died so far 337 (64%) are men and 186 (36%) are women. Their median age was 76.4 years old.

Moreover out of the 34 hospitalised patients whose condition is critical 16 are intubated, three are treated in an Intensive Care Unit but are not intubated and 15 in an Acute Care Unit.

The 182 cases were traced as follows: 25 cases out of 206 samples taken during contact tracing, 5 cases out of 2,618 samples taken by passengers at Larnaca and Pafos airports, 31 cases out of 2,139 samples taken at the private initiative, 7 cases out of 296 samples taken by the General Hospitals` Microbiology Labs, one case out of 195 samples taken after referrals by Private Doctors, 79 cases out of 22,373 samples tested using antigen rapid tests at private clinical labs and pharmacies and 34 cases out of 20,761 samples tested using antigen rapid tests through the Health Ministry`s programme.

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