London #YouGood?

As part of the ‘Out of Covid19’ Health Conversations with Young Londoners grant, the UK Thalassaemia Society are hosting a ‘Nostalgia Games and Pizza Night’ at our office in Southgate, North London  this Thursday 26th August 2021 from 6:00- 8:00pm. This throwback games night is for young adults aged 18 – 25.

We have everything from Wii Sports, Super Mario Kart, Jenga, Uno, Pizza and everything in between!

Join us and connect with other young Londoners by sharing stories and experiences of the pandemic and exploring your journey out of COVID-19. As recently announced, one in five of those admitted to hospital with the virus are those aged between 18 to 34. Our night aims to create a safe space for important conversations on COVID-19 to be had.

Those attending can also register to get their blood screened for the thalassaemia gene on October 19th which is our Thalassaemia National Day and find out more about thalassaemia major, a chronic and inherited blood disorder.

We have a few spaces left so if there is anyone in this age group who is interested in attending, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

This event is supported by Public Health England, NHS London and the Mayor of London.

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