The Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday three deaths of COVID19 and 1,014 new infections, with a positivity rate of 1.39%. The number of patients hospitalised reaches 243.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 394 people lost their lives, while the total number of cases reaches  94,261.

According to the Ministry, the deceased were a 82 and a 78 year old men and a 89 year old woman.

Out of the 243 patients in hospitals 63 are in a serious condition and 26 of them are intubated.

The 1,014 new cases were found after 73,098 tests, 7,537 done with the PRC method and 65,561 with the antigen rapid test method.

The new cases were detected as follows: 90 from contact tracing, 11 from samples taken at airports, 194 from tests done after private initiative, 19 from samples taken at the Microbiology Labs of the General Hospitals, 1 from GP referrals, 70 from antigen rapid tests done in private laboratories and pharmacies and 629 from antigen rapid tests.

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