We all have different job roles in life, sometime we get to enjoy what we do and other times we do a type of work because we have to. Some work in an environment that becomes difficult, be it with new people joining or taking over a particular job placement or management role. If the work place becomes a little unbearable and toxic to work in, if it gets too much, we feel compelled to seek other employment. How many of us have been in situations like that over the years?
When I first started out working, it was after I left college in the field of the hair and beauty. I did a year’s worth of work in a salon, but felt it wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to go back to college one day a week to further my studies, as well as learn about other subjects of interest to me. I continued this over the years, covering all the subjects I wanted to learn more in depth about, so all of my hobbies like dance, fitness, martial arts, fashion had now come with qualifications in those subject areas. What an eclectic selection but I have used them well over the years.
I had stumbled upon a teaching opportunity in the hair and beauty industry whilst I was studying in my first return year at college, and was soon asked to teach some of my other knowledgeable skills. I did this for many years, but when new management took over and the work environment became extremely demanding in a negative way and I was no longer allowed to give my best, I was forced out for the preservation of my sanity and respect of what I believed to be right for both myself and to the many students there to learn a qualifying subject.
With more time on my hands, I had to work on some back up skills and do what I had been wanting to for some time. I started to write again, something that I had done in the past, but had put on the back burner as it were.
If you can do any work you love and know that it helps and benefits not only yourself, but others too, it is extremely rewarding. Being financially successful is one thing, but being successful in my eyes, is more about being able to do the things you love to do. Life is not always about the financial status, but more about the spiritual wellbeing status. What makes you feel good from within, will come through and shine from the outside. It is what puts that spring in your step and fulfils you. Does your work make you smile ? Does it make others smile? What do you get out of it and what do others get out of it? If you can answer those questions with a positive smile, that’s a great start!
There are many people who are retired or financially comfortable, yet they volunteer and offer to devote time into helping others in many charitable organisations. This is what separates the kind, caring nature and selfless type, to that of the financially driven, only for one selfish goal purpose. Working together to provide for one’s survival and family is of course essential. There are many that have pride and don’t like to be given handouts, but by offering them work, they can retain their dignity and pride of self-worth. I give thanks to those who help one another by offering employment to those that they know need work, and I give thanks to those that also give their free time to assist the many that are also in need in supported advice.
Giving kindness and sharing precious time with others that you can help is good for you; as you can communicate, when you talk with others, you pass experience on or learn from one another. It makes you feel to be of use to others and gives you purpose in life.
Offering time to help others is good for us. Whatever our skills are, let’s share a helping hand, whether it is cooking a dinner, baking a cake, babysitting so someone gets a day out for themselves – Whatever job you are capable of, offer a helping hand. If you know someone and they are looking for work, maybe you can pay them for a skill they have that you don’t have time for like gardening, typing, organising and smartening up a home area. Let’s be selfless, not selfish.

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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