The Ministry of Health announced on Monday the death of seven patients of COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to 321, 209 men (65%), and 112 women (35%). Their median age is 78.
Meanwhile, 276 people are receiving treatment in state hospitals, 66 of whom in a serious condition. The median age of those hospitalised is 58,6.
In addition, 481 new coronavirus cases were detected after 32,399 laboratory tests, with a positivity rate of 1.48%.
Since over a year ago, when the pandemic started, 66.911 people were infected with the virus.
The deceased were three women, 85, 95 and 97 years old women with no vaccination history, and two women, both of 82 years, who had been vaccinated. Moroever, a 73 old man with no vaccination history and a 52 old man who had been vaccinated, also died.

Out of the 66 patients who are in a critical condition 28 are intubated. In the Famagusta General Hospital there are 63 patients, in Nicosia GH 73, in the Limassol GH 72, 39 are in the Larnaka GH, 22 in the Pafos GH and 7 in the Makario Hospital in Nicosia.
Out of the 32,399 tests done today 3,865 were with the PCR method and 28,534 with the antigen rapid test method. The 481 new cases were found as follows:
Out of 827 samples taken through contact tracing 65 people tested positive, out of 1,858 samples taken at Larnaca and Pafos airports 2 people tested positive, out of 715 samples tested privately 19 people tested positive, out of 334 samples from the General Hospitals Microbiology labs 16 people tested positive, out of 131 samples from GP referrals 1 tested positive, out of 167 samples tested privately by antigen rapid test 9 people tested positive and out of 28,367 antigen rapid tests carried out in the framework of a Ministry of Health screening programme 369 people tested positive.

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