An article by Hasan Kobat, on cancer patients who caught Covid-19 was published in Oncology Reviews, was featured in the Italian Oncology journal. The Turkish Cypriot is involved in various studies in the field of oncology in London was recently conducting a study on the condition of cancer patients who caught Covid-19.

In the article penned by Kobat, he explained the effects of Covid-19, drugs used in the treatment of Covid-19, drugs used in cancer treatment and radiotherapy on the heart. In Kobat’s article, he pointed out that strategies have been developed to prevent the possible effects of both Covid-19 and certain cancer drugs on the heart. In addition, important road maps for hypertension patients and paediatric cancer patients were drawn in the article.

Hasan Kobat said that the purpose of this study is to implement the aforementioned strategies on cancer patients diagnosed with Covid-19 and prevent them from developing possible heart problems. Kobat used the following statements in the article: ‘‘Cardiotoxicity caused by anti-cancer treatment has become a major threat as the number of cardiotoxic anti-cancer agents increases. Cancer patients are at high risk of contracting coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) due to immunosuppression caused by anti-cancer drugs and/or supportive therapy. Pulmonary dysfunction due to OVID-19 is responsible for many cardiac events. The presence of COVID-19 and some treatment modalities may increase the chances of developing cardiotoxicity in cancer patients receiving potentially cardiotoxic agents. This article provides evidence-based information about cardio. “

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