Cyprus’ Health Ministry announced on Monday 352 new COVID-19 cases, with the total number of confirmed cases now standing at 37,230. A total of 40,891 PCR tests and antigen rapid tests were carried out. The positivity rate is 0.86%

No deaths of COVID-19 patients were recorded and therefore the total number of patients who have died remains 233, 156 men (67%) and 77 women (33%). Their median age is 79 years.

A total of 145 COVID-19 patients are currently treated in hospital. The situation of 25 of them is critical. Fifteen out of these 25 patients are intubated and 10 are being treated in an Intensive Care Unit.

Out of the 40,891 tests carried out on Monday, 2,763 were done using the PCR method andĀ 38,128 using antigen rapid tests.

The 352 new COVID-19 cases were traced as follows: 100 out of 641 samples taken while tracingĀ  the close contacts of already known cases, 5 cases out of 1,016 samples taken by passengers at Larnaca and Pafos airports, 16 out of 576 samples taken at the private initiative, 6 cases out of 310 samples taken by the General Hospitals Microbiology Labs, 8 cases out of 272 samples tested using antigen rapid tests at private clinical labs and 217 cases out of 37,856 samples tested using antigen rapid tests in the framework of the Health Ministry`s programme.

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