Residents are reminded that plastic carrier bags or sacks cannot be recycled in their kerbside collection boxes or at the Borough Recycling Points

Find out what can and cannot be recycled in the A-Z of recycling guide.

An element of the Council’s funding comes from sales of recycled materials. A proportion of this is from recycled plastics and cans. Recently the Council has seen a significant increase in contaminated recycling material in both the kerbside recycling boxes and at the recycling bins at the Borough’s Recycling Points. The main contamination is from the use of plastic carrier bags and plastic sacks which are being used to contain, or separate recyclables.

Unfortunately, plastic carrier bags are not recyclable by the processors the Council uses and their presence in the recycled material is resulting in some of this material being rejected by the processors. This means some recyclable waste is having to be sent to landfill or for incineration. Neither of which are environmentally friendly and also increases service costs.

In addition to plastic carrier bags and sacks, bubble wrap and outer plastic wrapping also cause the material to be rejected by the processor and is treated as a waste product. The Council therefore requests that all residents that use the kerbside service do not put these items in with their recycling box.

Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays are able to be recycled and these will continue to be collected from the kerbside and at Recycling Points. Please note, kerbside bins containing carrier bags, sacks, bubble wrap and outer plastic wrapping will not be collected during the fortnightly recycling visits.

Residents can visit the Council’s website to check what material can be recycled in their kerbside boxes and the Borough Recycling Points.

Cllr David Holliday, Cabinet Member for Environment, said “We need residents to have a good understanding of what can and cannot be recycled and to minimise the amount of waste produced wherever possible. I would urge people to check the A–Z of recycling for clarification.
Recycling should be clean and wholly contained within the appropriate recycling box. Please contact the Council for replacement boxes, netting, or if you feel you require additional boxes. Whilst we appreciate that people have been trying to assist by separating their recycling into plastic bags, unfortunately this then contaminates the load and risks significant disposal costs being incurred by the Council.”
Further guidance on the Borough’s service and details of the A–Z of Recycling can be found at

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