There are a small group of local parents and park users living in N13 and surrounding areas who feel Broomfield Park would greatly benefit by having a skatepark built. We dearly love this park but there are not enough facilities for youth of all ages to enjoy. The benefits of skateboarding are huge and with the inclusion in this year’s Olympics, its popularity looks set to soar. Since lockdown its popularity has massively increased, including among girls.

Local UK Cypriot skateboarder Joseph Wagland  (aged 16) explains:
“As a passionate skater, I have made friends from all walks of life and all ages, through merely rolling around a skatepark on my board. Skating is a fun, exciting and healthy way of meeting people. As a teenager in today’s world, where so much socialising is done online, I feel distant from my peers, there isn’t much to connect us in real life.
Skateparks are a great way to bring people together. When I lived in Finsbury Park,  I was friends with such a large number of people whom I met at the skatepark. This made me feel safe and motivated me to go out every day, meet people and improve on my skating.
After the the isolating effect of the COVID-19 lockdowns, I feel a skate park would be a perfect way of re-animating the community and uniting the youth.”

The skatepark will be a professionally designed concrete park with areas for all levels and abilities.

We need to demonstrate wider community support for this plan.

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