Ahead of this weekend the Met is reminding Londoners that lockdown restrictions have not changed and right now, you must continue to stay at home to keep yourself and others safe.

From Monday, 8 March, restrictions will ease very slightly meaning that people can meet outside with one other person for recreation.

However, while limited recreational activity is allowed, Londoners are reminded that the best way to keep themselves safe and limit the spread of the virus is to stay at home wherever possible.

Throughout the weekend officers will continue to work with Londoners to encourage compliance and where necessary, take enforcement action if people recklessly break the rules.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, the Met’s strategic lead for the Covid-19 response, said: “We are still not through the worst of this virus and we must all continue to play our part in driving down the infection rate. This weekend the rules have not changed and you must stay at home wherever possible.

“As the restrictions ease very slightly on Monday, we will be allowed to meet with one other person for recreation. This does not mean we can meet with multiple households, nor does it mean we can organise house parties or other large gatherings – these remain illegal and frankly, dangerous.

“This weekend, across London we will have a number of dedicated patrols to respond to reported breaches of the regulations. We will also work side by side our local authority partners, patrolling open spaces and reminding Londoners of the rules.

“But I want to be clear, where people have dangerously and blatantly broken the rules, we won’t hesitate to take action by issuing fixed penalty notices.”

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