At 4.30am on the 23 February, a driver crashed through a wall into the home of three young UK Cypriots, and a fourth housemate, straight into a downstairs bedroom destroying it. The male driver was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drink driving related offences.
Firefighters, police and paramedics were called to the scene and were needed to help rescue one of the housemates from the room that had been hit, as he was stuck amongst the rubble and unable to get out. He was subsequently taken to hospital and treated for his injuries. The other housemates were able to leave the property unharmed, but in just their pyjamas, slippers and with their phones. Witnesses were shocked that there weren’t more serious injuries based on the speed and force that the car smashed through the wall and extent of the damage, and praised the emergency services for their swift response in getting a handle of the situation.
The housemates, who are active members of NEPOMAK UK and often help support the community and Cypriot charities are now in an unfortunate position of needing support themselves. Their home has been deemed completely unsafe and uninhabitable. They do not expect to be allowed into the house in the foreseeable future due to safety concerns, and therefore have no way of accessing the property to attempt to recover any of their personal or communal possessions. Not only will they have to rebuild their lives, but they all have suffered incredible emotional trauma and are trying to manage the psychological effects of this awful experience in London.
The individuals who don’t want to be named are thankful they’ve all come out of this with no serious injuries and for the support they’re receiving from friends and family, who are rallying around to provide both emotional and practical help.

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