A group of Turkish Cypriot peace activists in the UK have come together to form The Platform for Peace and Federal Cyprus in order to campaign for peace and a Federal solution on the island.
The elected Steering Committee of the Platform consists of Derman Saraçoğlu, Direnç Özbarış, Mehmet Mahmut and Artun Gökşan.
On Friday 5 February, a web gathering took place where the platform declared that they:
1. Support a bi-zonal, bi-communal Federal Cyprus based on the political equality of the two communities, acceptable to all Cypriot communities living on the island;
2. Believe that all parties should stick to all intercommunal agreements and convergences agreed by the two community leaders;
3. Believe that an agreement reached in line with the UN Security Council Resolutions and UN Parameters, establishing A United Federal Cyprus, would contribute to peace on the Island, in the Middle East and in the world;
4. Strongly OPPOSE those claiming a so-called “two-state solution” and any secessionist approach to the solution of the Cyprus problem.
5. Emphasise to engage in every effort towards a Federal solution and encourage initiatives in making their case heard not only in Cyprus but also in the international arena.
The statement adds that the Platform is open to everyone who believes and supports the principles. “Peace can be achieved working together. A United Federal Cyprus is the only way to have peace on the island and create an opportunity for the Cypriots to regain ownership of their own country. Let’s fight for our future, let’s stand up for Cyprus. Cyprus is only one. There is no other Cyprus.”

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