Andy Petrou left, Harry Mouyia centre
On this occasion I am writing with great sadness and sorrow on the loss of two of our founder members which were pivotal for the creation and success of the Cypriot Golf Society. Its with great sadness to inform you of the passing away of Andy Petrou and Harry Mouyia both from Livadia, Larnaca. I have known both of these men since 1986. I’ve just taken up golf the previous year and after meeting Kyriacos Tsirpis in May, he informed me that a big group of Cypriot golfers play golf every Thursday at Trent Park Golf Club at about 2.00pm. The following Thursday I visited the golf course and to my surprise about ten Cypriots were getting ready to tee off. I’ve walked up to them and introduced myself and was overjoyed by the warm and friendly welcome given to me and invited me to join them.

Texas scramble: front left Andy Petrou,  Harry Mouyia & team⁹

On that day I had the privilege to get to know for the first time, Andy Petrou known as Porsos, Hambis ( Harry ) Mouyia, Kyriacos ( Jack ) Mouyia, Andreas Mouyia, Bambos Theodorou, Mikis Nicolaou, Paul Costa, Chris Costa, Peter Christophi and George Michael. That was the beginning of our friendship which got stronger as time went on and it’s carried on to the present day. So it was that every Thursday we played golf and some of the boys after golf would go to the Cypriot Community Centre to play pilotta. Once a year we would have a golf match against an English team, playing two rounds and afterwards we gather at Scorpios restaurant in Philip Lane for an evening meal, entertainment and prize giving. Fantastic day and evening and enjoyed by all. The last one that I attended in 1989, Andy Petrou was the Captain of the winning team.

On the 4th January 1990 the Cypriot Golf Society was formed after a meeting of 22 Cypriot golfers. All the persons named above were present at the meeting and Andy Petrou was elected the first Secretary of the Society. We had our first event at Enfield Golf Club on 28th March 1990 with 35 members attending. All of us were so so proud of our achievement and Andy Petrou as the secretary proudly held the presentation of the trophies to the winners. Andy did very well with the presentation but on that day we also learned that Andy liked using the word ACTUALLY a lot. In later times on many occasions he would be called out as “actually”. Andy was very popular and liked by all the members, he always had a smile and always ready to help out, a great character and lovely person.

In 1993 Andy was elected the 4th Captain of the Cypriot Golf Society while still retaining the job of Secretary. He had a very successful year as Captain and in all events we had very high attendances. That year the captains sweepstakes raised £779.00 for Thalassaemia Society UK. Andy was also a very good golfer and won numerous prizes. His biggest was winning the Singles KO competition in 1996 and the Texas Scramble twice.

Andy Petrou

One of the best events that the Cypriot Golf Society was having at the time was the last event of the year played in mid October, the Texas Scramble, After golf we all gather at the Apollo restaurant in seven sisters road for a meal and to let our hair down dancing and singing to the music of Marios Constantinou and his group. Andy Petrou and Harry Mouyia were amongst first on the dance floor and last off it. They knew how to have a good time and were good at it with plenty of whistles from the others.

After 7 years in the job Andreas retired from the job of secretary at the end of the 1997 season. In those 7 years Andy carried out his duties with dedication, honour, pride and enthusiasm. A few years later in 2002 Andy was elected the President of the Cypriot Golf Society for a term of three years. Andy loved the Society and his passion for the Society was second to none. Over the years he devoted a great deal of time for Society business and always by his side and helping him with the typing was his loving wife Allison. He was very proud to be a member of the Society and always ready to promote the society when meeting new Cypriot golfers. Andy was also one of the main driving forces that shaped our Society to what it is today. Big character that will be sadly missed. Andy passed away 29th January 2021 age 76 victim of covid-19. Rest In Peace.

Prize winners of inaugular event 28th March 1990: front row left Andy Petrou. Back row second from right Harry Mouyia.

Harry Mouyia

Harry Mouyia was such a lovely and loveable character, always smiling, joking and always happy. Harry was always supporting the Society attending all events in the first 15 years and always ready to help. His greatest golfing achievement came on Thursday 19th April 2001 playing the first event of the season at Northwood Golf Club with 59 members taking part. The event was played over two rounds. In the morning round Harry scored 31 points which was above average but way behind the leader on 39 points and runner up on 36. After lunch Harry played the golf of his life. Everything about his game was fantastic, long drives, finding greens in regulation, putting them in from every where and returning a fantastic score of 44 points for a total of 75 points 4 ahead of the runner up. Harry’s second round score won him his first Major Competition, won him the inaugural Seniors Trophy and surprisingly won him the best gross score an achievement that hadn’t been achieved again. Harry past away 15th January 2021 age 78 victim of covid-19. Rest in Peace.

Our sympathy and condolences to the families of Andy Petrou and Harry Mouyia,

Keep well and stay safe.
Peter Sandamas



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