Schools and teachers are ready to welcome on Monday approximately 60,000 students who return to classes, as Cyprus enters the second phase of COVID measures` relaxation. Tomorrow all elementary school students as well as third grade high school students of public and private schools will return and Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou is optimistic for a smooth return.

He told the Cyprus News Agency that the authorities imposed measures to contain the spread of the virus and today we can talk about the return of students as Cyprus has managed the crisis pretty well.

Prodromou said that teachers and principals have prepared the ground for the return and have undergone a rapid test. He said that directions were given for a strict adherence to all protocols. He added that if the epidemiological figures allow it, there will be further relaxations of measures and more students could return to their classes.

He added that rapid tests will be conducted for high school students who have a permission by their parents and for this reason mobile units will be visiting the schools. He said that although the test is not mandatory, it is wise for students to take it.

The Minister also referred to the initiatives taken to strengthen and shield the psychological ability of the children to cope with the crisis. 

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