Mass campaign delivers clothing and food items to the Pournara reception centre for refugees/asylum seekers

23rd February 2021, Central Council EDON Youth Organisation

Today EDON Youth Organisation delivered clothing items and dry food, which was collected by the campaign it carried out recently, to the Pournara reception centre for refugees – asylum seekers.

EDON’s campaign was an expression of the class solidarity of young people and workers against the state’s incompetence, which has led to miserable living conditions for hundreds of people living in shelters. The response of the people to EDON’s campaign was moving as hundreds of boxes of clothes and food were picked up and transported today. Today’s delivery of what has been collected is yet another reminder to all of us, that the struggle for proper and dignified structures is absolutely necessary. At the same time EDON fully understands that any practical support extended to migrants and refugees is only a temporary practical assistance which they need and that the struggle to change the state’s handling of the problem, as well as changing people’s consciousness is the critical issue.

Furthermore, it has again been proven that expressing sadness and indignation at the human tragedies we see every day around the world isn’t enough, but what is demanded is to wage the struggle against ongoing imperialist wars that bring despair to the peoples, against the policies that target asylum seekers and against the forces that spread on hate and bigotry in society.
“The peoples are the only superpower”

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