Beauty treatments still need to be done at home for a little longer so get spring ready with glowing skin. After a tough winter and going outside with coverings around the facial area, not only for protection, but also to keep out that cold, you may have now noticed that skin is suffering a little, with friction from coverings, along with its stifling effects, causing a few skin problems. So let’s get super fresh, clear skin.

With a few simple steps, your skin will start to radiate a glow with luminescence. Let’s get start by using good products that work well with your skin; keep it simple without anything unnatural added if possible. You can use something like the Simple range, available at any supermarket store, or if you want to go high end of the market like celebs do, you can opt for products such as the Cetuem range – with testimonials from those like Amanda Holden, Sophie Anderton and Nancy Dell’Olio, it is definitely one of my favourites. If you are not too bothered about being ultra-pure and natural, then there are many products available on the high street. Some reputable products you may like to use are Boots No 7 or Clarins; most brand ranges are designed to work in conjunction with each other by keeping the right pH of the skin to get the maximum benefit from them. Even if you don’t always want to get the full range of the products, I always suggest getting the cleanser and moisturiser as you can always use rose water for dry skin, or witchazel for oily skin, as your toner.

Daily cleansing
Using a good cleansing lotion of your choice, apply to a piece of cotton wool and apply to the facial and neck area. Use upward and inward circular motions, inwards towards the nose area on the lower half of the face. On the upper part of the face, small circular motions, downwards and inwards towards the nose to avoid wrinkles progressing any sooner.

Daily Step 2
Apply toning lotion, or the rosewater or witchazel option, using the above method. This will remove the cleanser and prepare the skin for the final stage of moisturising.

Daily Step 3
The final stage is applying the moisturiser. Instead of using cotton wool, use your clean washed hands – with your fingertips, massage in the moisturiser using exactly the same circular motions as the method of cleansing and toning. This process should take approximately 3-5 minutes of your time. Allow moisturiser to absorb and then apply your make up, if you choose to do so.

Weekly facial
Using your cleansing lotion choice, add half a teaspoon of sugar granules to the cleanser and work in with your fingertips, using exactly the same method of application as before. Remove with warm water on face flannel or facial pads. This will act like a mini steam.

Facial Step 2
Apply a face mask of your choice, again I would aim for a natural product if you like a ready prepared one, or otherwise make your own with a few home store cupboard recipes. The most simple is a little egg yolk, a teaspoon of set honey for dry skin, or add a little lemon juice for oily skin. Leave for 10 minutes and then use another face flannel with warm water to wash off and remove.

Facial Step 3
Use your brand choice of toning lotion, or alternatively use the rosewater for dry skin or the witchazel for oily skin, on a piece of cotton wool as in the method of daily routine.

Facial Step 4
Finally apply the moisturiser with fingertip routine method, just as daily method.

Eh voila! Glowing skin in twenty minutes!

Love and Sparkles
Samsara x

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